Thursday, September 4, 2014


My poor bottom is very red, sore, and burning!  Unfortunately, not for reasons I would enjoy; I have a sunburn.  Here's what I posted on The Facebook about my day yesterday:

      Had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday, with a couple of exceptions:
  1. I got crabs--a crab pinched my foot...TWICE
  2. The one and only smoker sat directly upwind of us. I was tempted to go over and pee on his towel.
  3. A jellyfish wrapped around my ankle--fortunately, IT was dead, so I'm not.
  4.  I burned my entire back side--it was a nude beach, so I mean my ENTIRE backside! 
      Okay...need to get off my butt (literally) and DO something!

 While I am enjoying imagining the burning in my bottom's having been put there intentionally by a lovely lass, I'm afraid of how much it'll suck if my butt peels......

...and I'm still a little creeped out by having been pinched by that crab!

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