Friday, February 22, 2013

On pause...

My deepest apologies for my long absence (perhaps I deserve a punishment for temporarily abandoning my blog).  Among the many reasons are: I caught the cold from hell, which has taken weeks to recover from, and still continues to plague me a bit; I've been on a desperate quest for a new roommate--I think I found one today, finally; I've been working on a super-mega-project involving my computer, that will hopefully give me space to upload a bunch of photos so I can share them with you!--I still have a list of subjects, people, and experiences to write about, but I want to include visual stimuli; I've been trying to cat-proof my bedroom--my roommate is moving out, but his cat is staying here, and has been, up 'til now, barred from my bedroom (but if I continue to banish him once the roommate leaves, he will continue to sit outside my bedroom door and yowl).

I will be back in business very soon--perhaps as soon as tomorrow, depending on whether or not I can complete my day's list of urgent tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

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