Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'M BACK!!!! 

...kind of.

Sometime back in February, my dinosaur computer decided it was "too old for this shit", and crashed.  After a couple of weeks, I managed to bring it back to life, by giving it a "pacemaker"--installing a new power source.  Even then, it would wheeze and gasp to life, and pass out at random.  Finally, it truly died.  I had to order a new computer--I paid for express delivery, but the computer finally SHIPPED OUT on the day it was supposed to ARRIVE, and was checked in in Mexico the day AFTER it was supposed to be in NYC!  I finally got it, and have been desperately trying to learn windows 8.1 (having had XP for the last 10 years).  A week ago, I was finally able to take in my old hard drive, to have the info on it rescued (the old dinosaur would die every time I tried to back it up).  It took a week (rather than the 1-2 days promised), and I picked it up today.  $140 later, I have *most* of the "personal" info off the old hard drive.  Unfortunately, I have lost my entire Bookmarks list!!!!!!  I have the old Explorer list, but, apparently, I would have to upload it ONE SITE AT A TIME!!!!!!  I also lost a $600 music writing program.

....soooooo please forgive my absence, and pardon me in advance for the slow pace I will be returning to this blog.  It's going to take a while for me to get back on my virtual feet.

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