Monday, March 2, 2015

To Blog, or Not To Blog.........the question remains.

As many of my fellow bloggers know, blogspot recently decided to implement what is tantamount to an ultimatum censorship, informing individuals in an email, "we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video."  I can't say I was surprised, especially in light of the recent outrageous British legislation, censoring pornography made in the UK.  I mean, "rights, shmights".  Why should we little people be able to make decisions for ourselves (and don't even get me started on US "politics"...a misnomer if I've ever heard one)?  I've kind of felt, since I began this blog, that this was coming; the main reason I've not been more present here.  Like others, upon receiving the threatening email, I began to look for other venues to continue my little bloglet, unencumbered by iron-fisted censorship scrutiny.

However, I just read this on someone's blog:

"This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback"

I sincerely hope this is the case, as clear-cut as it sounds, but I will continue to look for a different location for my thoughts, mainly because I still believe it is just a matter of time before some money-grubbing lawsuit by an over-protective absentee parent whose teenage kid exploring their sexuality gets caught by the nanny, frightens the overseers of this domain to continue down their censorship road; but also because I feel we were, all of us, just spanked (and not in a good way...) entirely unfairly.  Despite my not putting faith in Astrology, I fit the profile of a Libra very much, having a strong sense of, and need for, justice.  Because of their rash decision, revoked or not, I have lost respect for blogspot...perhaps it will grow back, but I'm doubtful.

Any suggestions for other bloggable resources would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Hi P&P,

    Google (Blogger) reversed its decision a few days after this announcement came out, so there is no need for you to move.


    1. Yeah, they eventually sent me the email to let me know, in which they demanded that I do the things I've already done (like marking my blog as "adult"). Thank you for letting me know! <3