Monday, January 21, 2013

Rock ON!

I'm FINALLY posting again!  I've had a subject brewing in my mind for days, but I am post-poning it (yes, all puns are intended!) for this one:

I have always loved finding spanking scenes in mainstream(ish, at least) media, whether in books, movies, or music (THANK you, Madonna, for "Hanky Panky"!).  My most recent discovery is in the movie "Rock of Ages", which, thanks to the gods of Netflix, I have finally seen.  During Catherine Zeta-Jones's number, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", while she and the ladies are singing in a chapel, her husband, played by Bryan Cranston, is in another room being dominated--and spanked with a ruler--by his mistress (not the leather-and-spikes kind, just the he's-a-politician-having-an-affair kind).  The spanking scene is very short, flashing back and forth between the chapel and brief glimpses of the steamy scene, but it's still very effective, despite a touch of tongue-in-cheek (again, all puns...).  Within the vignette, the mayor, Cranston, has his wrists bound with a rosary, then is pushed forward into a bent position over a desk, with his forehead resting on an open bible.  His mistress picks up a ruler and gives it a test-smack into her open palm, then grabs the back of his slacks.  When she jerks them down, his head lifts suddenly in seeming wary surprise.  Along with the rhythm and lyrics of the song, Cranston's mistress spanks his underwear-clad bottom; first with single smacks, then rapid ones (only fill the musical phrase).  This vignette ends with a shot of Cranston's face cartoonishly reacting to an obscured spanking behind him, complete with goofy non-verbals.  Still, the scene was quite enjoyable.

Here are some screen-shots:

I love the look on her face in the last one, as if she's very calmly and sweetly doing what needs to be done.


  1. Haven't seen the flick, but I'll have to check it out. Any idea who the lady is?

  2. Ah, yes. Her name is Celina Beach. She's billed as the "Mayor's Secretary":

    She's a cutie! It looks like she's been a model longer than an actress (all her other credits are TV Movies and shorts).