Wednesday, March 20, 2013!

As a professional dancer, I have a high tolerance for pain.  The first time I went to a chiropractor--one who worked on Broadway dancers--we discussed this phenomenon.  He began to work on my back, saying, "Tell me when this starts to're a dancer."  He informed me that dancers most often will not register pain, so would remain silent, even at a point when a non-dancer would be screaming.  He's right.  Pain is a regular part of our training, and often, our art.

That, coupled with a long medical history--including such gems as: herniated disk, unusually sharp bone spur, kidney stone, ulcerative colitis, scarlet fever, chicken pox, numerous ear infections, chronic headaches & frequent migraines, multiple epidurals, innumerable blood tests & shots, long hours of physical therapy, and the usual sprains and strains--has inured me to pain, generally (I had a very ill childhood :(   ).

That being said, a few nights ago, after hearing my roommate leave the apartment, I let a whim take me:  I took my flat, square-ish, wooden hairbrush from my nightstand drawer, bared my bottom and, standing straight upright, gave myself a quick ten swats, alternating five on each cheek.  I was shocked at how much each swat stung!  Admittedly, I don't do this very often, so my bottom's not accustomed to it; and I have little padding there, especially with the Ballet classes I've been taking lately.  Still, it surprises me (a difficult thing to do, really) just how sensitive my bottom is to a little spanking.  This does not deter my desires one bit--I still strongly crave to be given a real, out-of-my-control spanking by a woman; the same kind of spanking I so immensely crave to give to a recalcitrant girl.

I am simply even more impressed by those who practice self-spanking.  It requires a great deal of willpower, determination, courage, and stamina, in my opinion.

I had one lover who, during phone-sex sessions, I would command to spank herself.  She was a nymphomaniac, who I introduced to spanking (I'll talk more about her in detail at a later date).  While on the phone with her, I had her take the wooden hairbrush I'd bought for her (and to use on her), and spank herself.  I could hear the swats connect, and her accompanying moans, but I'd often demand that she spank harder.  Eventually I would tell her to push the handle of the hairbrush inside herself, and use it as a dildo until she came.  The voyeur in me loooooved these phone calls!  Apparently, so did a school friend of hers, who later admitted to having stood outside her dorm room door and listened.

If I can figure out how to do this right, here is one of my favorite self-spanking videos.  It's short, but I love the expressions on her face--you can tell she is truly punishing herself, but determined!

(Oh, thank God...I thought I'd lost this whole thing, but it saved itself as a draft!!!  Strike 2...)

(Ooooo-kay...guess I am unable to upload a video...strike 3...)

(Ahahahhahahahaaaaaaa *maniacal laughter* worked! ...maybe!)

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