Monday, May 6, 2013

The Collection, Part 1

A MONTH AND A HALF????  My poor blog has been neglected for far too long!  I offer my most sincere apologies!  To ease back into it, this will be a multi-part entry.

By nature, I am a collector.  I collect a great number of things:  CD's, DVD & VHS movies, rocks & crystals, clothing, photos, art, books of many different genres, comic books, music scores & sheet music, jigsaw puzzles, chess sets, anything to do with Alice in Wonderland........the list can go on and on.  I even collected stickers when I was a child.  Perhaps my most secret of collections is of spanking implements.  Being a colossal nerd, I make lists and categorize many of my collections, as personal, if perhaps futile projects.  Here is part one:


These are normal, everyday items that have either been retired from their originally intended purposes, or purchased with spanking in mind.

The hairbrush:

            Length:  10” (5 ¼” + handle)
            Width:  > 3 ¼”
            Thickness:  wood 3/8”
    Light, varnished wood; square shaped
    Plastic tipped solid plastic sparse bristles

This is my absolute favorite spanking implement.  I love the smooth feel of its backside, and delight in the popping sound as it strikes another backside.  I like the feel of it in my hand, as well as on my bare bottom.  I have been spanked with this very brush, and have used it on several girls.

I do love women's hair--love to play with it, and love to brush it--so this is my most versatile toy.


            Length:  14” – 4” long head
            Width:  2 ¾” at widest
Satin Wood, and Moderately soft boar bristles
Very smooth finish, slightly curved back.

I don't know where this brush came from originally.  I think it was my father's, but it was unopened in a closet.  I have never had an opportunity to use it, but it is a beautiful instrument.

Small Wooden Spoon:

            Length:  14”
            Width:  1 ½” at widest
Unfinished, smooth wood.  Very light.  Rounded front and back
Very light, round handle

I have used this spoon on a girl.  I will talk more about her later, after I've shown all the implements I used on her.  This was lovely, except the handle is so small that it made my hand fatigue from having to grip it so tightly.  I need to wrap it with something to thicken it.

Wooden Spatula:

            Length:  slanted edge; 11 ½” – 12”
            Width:  > 2 1/8” at widest
            Thickness:  ¼”
Slightly curved serving end, with tapered edge
Light, but wide handle

I've had this spatula since before I went to college.  It's an old friend...and well worn.

Slotted Spatula:


            Length:  12”
            Width:  2 ¾” at widest
            Thickness:  tapers from 3/16”
Bamboo spatula—very light, flat bottom
2 holes, 2” long x 3/8” wide

I used this for cooking until it cracked.  Because of the split, it's great as a panty-warmer, but I wouldn't use it on bare skin.

Name Ruler:

            Length:  12” (of course)
            Width:  1 1/8”
            Thickness:  1/8”
Hard foam, very light and somewhat flexible

I've had this ruler since first or second grade.  It has my name on it (sorry...darkened out to protect the..."innocent").  I love rulers as spanking implements.  There's something so sincere, as well as youthfully realistic about spanking with a ruler.  They also enhance my schoolgirl penchant.  This one is very smooth and light, but has a thickness to it, so it should leave some pretty lines.

Blue Ruler:

            Length:  12”
            Width:  1”
            Thickness:   1/8”
            Light wood, blue

This ruler is wooden, and matches the next item...


            Length:  36” (of course)
            Width:  > 1”
            Thickness:  ½ cm
            Light wood, blue

My grandmother was an elementary school teacher.  This, and the previous ruler, belonged to her.  I wonder if she ever used them the way I would like to use them?

Rubber Ruler:

            Length:  12”
            Width:  1 ½”
            Thickness:  1/16” with tapered edges
Purple, translucent plastic—very flexible!

This ruler is not actually rubber, but a flexible plastic.  Therefore, it doesn't have the same friction rubber would have.  It's smooth and slick...and stingy!  It's firm enough to hold its shape, rather than flopping around, but curves around a bottom beautifully.  When I saw this in a store, I could NOT leave without buying it!

******As a side note, trying to create this post has been the most frustrating experience! Blogger's formatting has been totally inconsistent--I often cannot make it do what it just did, and the preview looks nothing like what I've done:  every item of writing is centered, even though I've aligned everything to the left, and all the spacing's different from what I've done.  This took at least an hour longer than it should have, and I still can't make it look the way I want!

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