Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Collection, Part 3: Belts & Whips

As I have mentioned before, the only childhood spankings I remember were those given by my father.  I lived with my mother more often (they first separated when I was in kindergarten, and my brother and I moved back and forth between them), and know that she spanked me many more times, but I just can't remember a single incident.  My father spanked me only about 6 times in my life.  In each occasion, we were sent to our rooms, if we weren't already there (almost every spanking from my father happened to both my brother and me, always privately in our own rooms).  After a few minutes, he would enter with his wide leather Levi belt that hung in his closet.  We were spanked lying face-down on the bed, in whatever attire was already present--no pillow under the hips, as you see in spanking videos...something I wish we HAD had.  By the very last spanking I received, I was fully aware of my secret spanking fascination and, although I have never had any inclination or fascination with m/m spanking, the part that hurt the most was my erection bent at an awkward position and pressed into the unforgiving mattress, while my bottom withstood the lashing assault, shielded only by my underwear.

I don't remember what age I was at the time, nor what I did to earn a spanking, but I do remember snippets of the event fairly clearly.  When my father died, his belt was one of the few treasures I really wanted to keep.  I'm sure I could ramble on for hours, dissecting the psychological reasons why, and perhaps I will do so someday, but suffice it to say, that particular belt is a kind of transitioning tool, making the fantasy of spanking connect with the reality of punishment--an aspect of spanking with which I am utterly infatuated.


Levi Belt

Length:  37” + buckle (large Levi metal buckle)
Width:  1 ¾”
Thickness:  < ½ cm
Smooth leather outside, suede inside

When used on us, this belt was always folded once, held at both ends, to make a loop.  It was never left with a loose end, to make a lash, although that is a very effective alternative--one that I prefer using.

Skinny belt

Length:  34” + buckle
Width:  ¾”
Thickness:  ½ cm

 This belt had also belonged to my father--it's old and limber.  The outside face of the belt is rounded, with snakeskin-textured ridges, although it is cowhide leather.  It's fun and easy to use ;)

You can see the  difference in size between these two belts.  I love them both!

Ridge belt

Length:  40” + buckle
Width:  1 1/8”
Thickness:  1/8”

This one is the first belt I purchased for myself (to keep my pants up, until I outgrew it).  It is leather, with ridges on the outside face, but flat on the inside (of course).  It has a square edge on the hole end, making it less desirable as a lash.

Snake belt

Length:  45” + buckle
Width:  < 1”
Braided leather, with a metal tip

I think this belt was also my father's.  It is made of braided leather, and has a pointed metal tip.  This is not a belt I would readily use for spanking purposes.  If I did, I would probably use it inside-out--the inside is flatter than the outside, so would be less likely to damage skin...and I would NEVER use the metal end (nor the buckles on any belt).  I would, however, use this as a restraint.


As mentioned in the last part, I have far less interest in BDSM than in spanking.  Nevertheless, I couldn't resist these: 

Suede Cat o' Nine Tails

16 Tails: L = varying 16 ¼” – 16 ½”, W = ½”, thickness = 1/8”
Soft blue suede, with pointed ends.  Medium heavy. Smooth plastic covered handle

I think this Cat is beautiful.  It's very soft, so not very painful.  It's more of a toy than an implement, requiring quite a swing to cause a sting.

Rubber Cat o’ Nine Tails 


8 Tails: l = 22” but stretch past 36”, w = ¼” very thin
Handle: l = 8 ¼”, dildo end l = 6 ½”, diameter = 7/8”
Very light

This Cat stings even less than the suede one.  The tails are so thin and stretchy, that they're not very effective, unless you hit just right.  It was the handle that I couldn't resist!  While I'm not into ponygirls, or that sort of thing, I still thought it might be fun and effective to give someone a tail ;)


Length:  46” + 4 tails, varying 7 – 7 ½”
Braided black leather

This is also a toy I wouldn't really use on a person--especially because there is a knot just above the tails at the end.  I have just always been fascinated with bullwhips.  This one came from an adult shop, but I will one day find an authentic one.

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