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The Collection, part 4: Paddles

This is the finale to my "Collection" posts (at least for now).  I don't really know if anyone's enjoyed these, or been the least bit interested, since there has not been one single comment, but, being the colossal nerd I am, I've enjoyed putting the categorical list together and talking about each item.

This last group is all paddles--some originally intended for spanking, others not so much.  I am thoroughly fascinated with paddles, and their use in corporal punishment.  I strongly enjoy reading stories--especially true stories--about the use of paddles in punishment spankings.  My family did not use, nor even discuss the use of paddles in punishment.  I don't think I've ever known anyone who was paddled parentally, at least that I was aware of--I never saw a paddle on display in anyone's house, and I don't think anyone throughout my childhood ever talked with me about how they were spanked at home.  The first paddle I remember ever seeing was at a Sunday School class, when I was in seventh grade (had I ever seen it used, I would have enjoyed Sunday School a lot more!).  My brother and I did attend a private school for a couple of years, where the paddle was used for punishment, but my parents refused to allow its use on us.  Having had a classmate tell a couple of us about his being paddled at school, I had an image of a simple, flat paddle, over clothing (such a prudish environment must be overly concerned with modesty!) giving around 3 swats.  Apparently I was wrong:  it was a heavy, fraternity-type paddle with holes, and at least some clothing was moved (I don't know if bottoms were bared, or uncovered as far as underwear) for 10 or more swats.  This school ran the gamut of kindergarten through high school, and the paddle was used for all ages.

There is something so definitive about spanking with a paddle--especially one of wood.  It's so final; so solid and authentic.  It is an implement with a single purpose--to deliver a solid, flat surface sting to the pliable curve of a bottom.  There is something so much more stern and inevitable about knowing a paddle will be taken to your bottom than with any other implement.  I can only imagine the depth of the dread a penitent feels, knowing they will soon experience the unforgiving, implacable face of a paddle.  It is always consistent--no variation.  It simply does the same work every time it is employed.

My childhood self would highly disagree, but I now wish I had been spanked with a paddle while growing up.  I long for it now, as an experience, but know it cannot be what it would have been.  My older mind can never give up control; neither of emotions, nor of situational reality.

...but I'd like to try ;)


Oval Paddle

Length:  8 ½” + handle
Width:  football shaped; 5 3/8” at widest
Thickness:  >1/4”
Layered leather; the handle is flexible, but the face of the paddle is not, making the sting spread radially, from the central impact point.

 Leather Frat Paddle 

Length:  9” + handle
Width:  3 ¾”
Thickness:  ¼”
Layered leather; moderately heavy and flexible.  This one spreads the pain of impact more horizontally.

Holey Frat Paddle (Batman!)

Length: 15” + handle
Width: 4 ½”
Thickness: > ½”
Lightweight hardwood, with twelve ½” holes

This is similar to the paddle described to me from the private school.  The handle is a little awkward--wide and flat, but still easy to swing.

Ruler Paddle 

Length: 14 ½” + handle
Width:  1 ½”
Thickness:  ¼”
Hard plastic—mottled, not smooth
Medium weight, only slightly flexible

I love rulers as spanking implements (they're just long, narrow paddles).  The textured surface of this paddle affects the airflow, and adds just a touch more friction to add sting.

Slapper Paddle 

Length:  18 ½”
Width:  tapers outward; > 1” – 2”
Thickness:  3/8”
Leather; very flexible with side-split rounded end (to make a louder sound)

 Most spankees know that sound itself can often add to the feeling of a spanking.  The body adds the affronted sense of sound to the sensate mixture that combines and swirls together to create "subspace".

Ping-pong Paddle 

Length:  > 6” + handle
Width:  round; 6” at widest
Thickness:  ¼”
Still has studded rubber layer on both sides (red on one, black on the other)
Very light

 I bought this knowing I'd never own a ping-pong table...


Length:  10” + handle
Width:  8”
Thickness:  ¾”
Fairly heavy wood.  Rounded edges and corners

 I brought this home from a cheese-tasting event.  It's thick and heavy--a bit unwieldy, but still fun.

Paddle-ball Bat 

Length:  10” + handle
Width:  oval; 8 ¼” at widest
Thickness:  1 cm
Wood, with etched grid lines.  Fairly light, for wood.

This is the largest paddle I have.  I found it in a Salvation Army, and couldn't leave it behind (pun intended).

Antique Paddle 

Length:  > 7” + handle
Width:  roundish; 6” at widest
Thickness:  ¼”
Hand-carved, with the names, “Ruth Conner” & “Harold”, and the date, “Feb. 12,1941” on the smooth side, and the words, “I should worry” on the mottled side.

 I found this on ebay.  It seems like it might be an old-fashioned ping-pong paddle (look at the handle), but carved on both faces to be a spanking implement.  I can't quite make out all the writing--it's worn down, I assume, from use ;)

That's it.  The whole collection as it stands, although I do have a whole kitchen full of random implements and interesting items...

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