Friday, August 2, 2013

What happened??????

I am a huuuuuuuuuge fan of spanking art.  On a nearly daily basis I browse through what's new on DeviantArt, and then on AnimeOTK.  As I was glancing at comments on several new drawings on AOTK this morning, I pondered how supportive so many of the members are on the site.  There is a clique of artists who have created their own world of characters, but they are welcoming and encouraging to other artists--they give honest criticism, but back it up with support (especially you, Steve Budzinsky/Weaver/'re a lovely human don't know what a 'Neko' is, but you guys say it a lot).

Just as the warm fuzzies were filling my soul, I happened upon a different scenario.  I opened a picture by another artist--one who really seems to be conflicted by his own interests.  This artist, at one point, stated that he would no longer draw parental spankings of young girls, because of how wrong the idea is.  He quickly rescinded that statement, and began again, but, with every new work, includes statements about the evils of spanking.  He includes a disclaimer at the bottom of each picture, that says, "This picture is a fiction.  All characters, places, actions are imaginary.  Spanking should never be part of real life."  He also interchanges the word "discipline" with the word "violence", and referred to his own work as "grim".

One member, in very broken English, questioned the artist about his sexual appeal toward what he, himself, deems as violence and hatred, and suggested that others may disagree with the artist's opinions.  That commenter was immediately and severely attacked by several members, who very clearly did not even understand what the commenter was trying to say.  The first attack was on his "grammar", and told him to "go fuck [him]self".  A good number, if not a majority, of the members of the site are NOT from English-speaking countries.  Such an attack may not be endearing to the rest of one's peers.  The second attacker clearly thought the commenter was saying the opposite of what he meant, and showed himself to be even more of a fool when attacking a second time, after the commenter tried to explain, including an apology for having trouble with English.  This second attacker, in reality, totally agrees with the commenter, but was too stubborn to read, listen, or think; and his second attack pretty well summed up the commenter's initial statement.  The battle continued, but at least two others understood better what the commenter intended and tried to help explain.

We all have our own, often very strong, opinions about spanking, punishment, discipline, child-rearing (pun intended), parenting, morals, art, diet, colors, clothing, weather, and a gigazillion other things!  They are all our opinions!  Everyone repeat this mantra:  "EVERYTHING I EVER SAY IS MY OPINION"!  Say it until you mean it!  It will clarify soooooo many things in your life.

Rant over.  Bottom line: many people suck, and try to make others' lives suck too, to make themselves feel better.  Schadenfreude.

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