Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello Again: Distractions

Hello again, all who may be reading this blog whenever I actually post stuff.  I think of you often, almost daily saying to myself something to the tune of, "I should post that to my blog!"  I have few legitimate excuses.  Mainly, work keeps me from actively blogging--both directly, and indirectly.

I work in high-volume catering--I don't know what else to call it; parties could be as small as 20 guests, or as large as 6,000 (one horrific event on the whole of Liberty Island will plague my nightmares forever).  Most of our gigs are at night, but there are occasional lunches, and even fewer occasional breakfasts.  My last few weeks have had more breakfasts, lunches, and all-day events than I've had in the last few years!  As a result, when I'm finally home, I'm completely wiped out.  Thoughts are not coherent, and my brain slides from thought to thought like rollerblades on a slushy day.

As a result, I tend to do mindless things at home--especially on days off!  I am a movie freak (I love Netflix!), and tend to spend a lot of time in front of my TV screen.  Also, a few weeks ago, I discovered tumblr.

I do not participate in many online social sites, with the main exception being the facebook.  However, discovering the multitude of people posting pictures and GIFs that fascinate, astonish, entice, enthrall, delight, amuse, and flat-out turn me on, I finally created a tumblr account, just so I could collect my favorites--initially, I intended to collect and carry things here, but there's sooooo much, and it's just so easy to "reblog" there.

This is still my *real* blog--I will not forsake you, oh faithful (but silent) readers, but you are more than welcome to visit my tumblr "blog", which is profundity-n-profanity.tumblr.com, and see images that I like.

I solemnly swear, too, to spend more time here.  That being said, I've been wanting to post these for some time now:

I love these!!!  They're drawn by Arkham Insanity--they're not her usual style, but a specific project she was working on.  She makes beautiful spanking artwork, typically using known characters, which can be seen at arkham-insanity.deviantart.com, as well as AnimeOTK, & several tumblr accounts.  Unfortunately (for me), a majority of her works are m/m, which I do not enjoy, subjectively; but even then I can recognize her outstanding skill and creativity!  I highly recommend viewing her art!

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