Thursday, November 21, 2013


There are very few people who really know about my whole spanking predilection (yes, I'm aware I have not posted for over a month, and I just casually began this one, pretending as if no time has passed).   I recently told a friend about this blog--she's now the only person who knows this is mine.  We haven't really talked about it yet...

A few friends know I'm "into spanking", but they're not really aware of the depth the concept of spanking is ingrained into my entire being.  They tend to approach it as a joke, or with a trepidatious hesitancy, as if they are afraid to touch it for fear of being soiled.  A long-time friend once told me he tried spanking his girlfriend a bit, and he was surprised how much they each liked it.  I lent him a paddle, but he was too afraid to use it, so he hid it in a closet and forgot about it until I sublet a room from him for a few months (it was the oval paddle, if you've looked at my arsenal).

One of my closest friends ("S", for clarity's sake) was up from New Orleans with her boyfriend, visiting NYC.  We got together for brunch, along with a couple of other friends of hers.  One of her other friends (I'll call her "D"), I am already acquainted with, and have casually known her for a number of years.  She is an actress and dancer, and I knew that she had some experience with spanking because she once posted a photo (on myspace, I think) of a rehearsal in which she was bent over in front of a guy who was spanking her.  She had captioned the photo, "The only time I enjoyed being spanked".

While wandering the East Village after brunch, we all strolled into a kitchen store.  I don't know how the subject came up, but D and I were discussing how she was spanked growing up in Texas.  I was enrapt, of course, and trying to sound nonchalant as I asked questions, eager for more real-life spanking stories, as well as the enticing images of the gorgeous D that were reddening in my head.  The gist was this:  her step-mother spanked her with a paddle or wooden spoon, but her mother, aside from the occasional use of a belt, had a bush outside her house, from which D was required to cut her own switch--nearly on a daily basis, she informed me.  She remarked, "I was well acquainted with that bush".  One of my co-workers, a man, recently told me he had to cut his own switches as a child, but D is the first girl I've ever heard say she was spanked with a switch, let alone having to obtain them herself.

Minutes after that conversation, as we meandered through the store, I came upon S and her boyfriend, who were looking at some very interesting kitchen implements (!) and had apparently been discussing the ones that S thought I would like...
...she knows me very well!  :D

I am not even remotely ashamed of my spanking desires (anymore), but, of course, don't talk about them very often.  Unfortunately, that makes finding other people with similar interests extremely difficult!  While browsing the spankoverse of the internet, I am often struck by the immense number of individuals, through the ages, who are, or have been into spanking.  I have no idea how to find others in real life. 

How do people do it?

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