Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Bottom

One of the most sensitive erogenous zones on my body is my bottom.  Walking around my apartment, I often find my hand automatically caressing it (and occasionally smacking it)--especially when wearing something thin or soft (or nothing at all).  I have had very few (...any?) lovers who've realized how much I enjoy, if not crave, to be touched or caressed there.  I think most of the girls I've been intimate with have been selfish lovers, aside from those who simply had no experience, and were too afraid, and unaware, of even their own sexuality.

Here's a little relationship hint for everyone, experienced or not:  generally, the things your lover will try with you, and the places they'll explore on you, are the same things they like themselves!!!  Even before I finally accepted my occupation with spanking, no lover of mine could possibly have been unaware of how much I like bottoms.  My eyes explore them.  My hands worship them.  I have trouble keeping my eyes & hands off of them.  Yet, it has been exceedingly rare for anyone I've been with to remotely try the same with me, even in the most intimate of moments.  Admittedly, most of my lovers have been overly submissive, wanting me to control everything about their sex life (if not their entire life).  For those of you who think that's what the dominant/submissive lifestyle is about, you couldn't be more wrong!  According to the Oxford Dictionary, "submit" is defined as: "accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person".  That does not mean to sacrifice who and what you are to someone, it means to choose to do their will despite yourself.  Some of the most boring sexual experiences of mine, or told to me by others, included statements like, "do whatever you want to me." (sounds like it could be fun...without active participation by BOTH participants, it's not!); and "I like everything you do to me" (the worst answer possible to the question, "what do you want me to do?").  A dominant is not dominant to someone who's merely limp.  That becomes tantamount to masturbation, using another person's body.  There's no passion, no joyous frivolity, no excitement, no point.  One lover I had--the last girl I've had sex with, who was a vanilla lover, b.t.w.--gave me nothing during sex; no hint of excitement: not a single gasp of breath, not a single movement of her own--let alone a gesture of reciprocation--not a hint of a request or signs of enjoyment whatsoever.  She was the kind of girl who, when asked, "did you like that?" (about anything) would only answer, "maybeeeee...?".  Frankly, it was (...get ready for this) bad sex (yes, folks, it does exist)!

Take my advice:  pay attention to what your lover does to you, and try at least something similar on them.  Likewise, if you like something done to you, try it on them (or just come out and tell them!!!), so they can be inspired to do it to you.  Otherwise, you might end up being the person someone is describing as a bad lover in a blog.  Of course, it would be better if we all could just speak freely about what we like and desire, but apparently that is unacceptable most of the time.  That is why we blog.

...And rub your partner's bottom.  Almost everyone will love it!

(This is mine, by the way...)


Pun intended


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