Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I am still in shock!  The ever-lovely Audrey Knight wrote to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, about two weeks ago (thank you, "smart" phone, for not letting me know), Ms. Knight sent me an email, sweetly thanking me for my blog post about her.  I just made an attempt to write back, but as predicted, my brain was going in too many directions, and I probably sent her an unintelligible heap of syntax.  I am so flattered, so enormously blown away that she even took the time to write to me--let alone the fact that my crush on her has now grown even more!

Although I've always, since my discovery of the spanking world on the internet, enjoyed her work (and her incredible eyes), my adoration for her was really established while reading the blog in which she was writing.  She was eloquent, intelligent, and sincere.  Through her writing, she displayed some of who she is, and it was that someone I came to venerate.

The mind is like outer space--immeasurably vast, with innumerable different objects moving through it.  Each planet, each orb flying through is a thought (as happens in space, those thoughts are often orbiting a single idea, and there are countless "solar systems" of ideas).  On each one of these thought-spheres, one single grain of sand is a word we use to try to represent that planet-sized thought.  Because of this, the words we choose are both vastly important, and pitifully insignificant.  This is the reason we never completely know what others are trying to say.  We communicate more through our empathy & telepathy, using the words as guidelines.

Because of this, I have great admiration for those who can convey meaning with words.  Writing is, unfortunately, becoming less and less prevalent of a skill in our society, worldwide.


Brava, my dear Ms. Knight!  I hope you know that it is not just your wicked palm and your stunning beauty that are admirable--it is your mind and your soul even more so!


(I mean, really?  Who wouldn't fall instantly in love with this girl???)

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