Monday, August 18, 2014

The Collection: Update #2

I'm cleaning my room.

That may seem like a normal, everyday comment, but in my case, it's an intense statement.  I live in New York City.  For those of you who've not lived in a similar metropolis, that most often means my living space is minuscule!  By nature, I am a collector, and have been my entire life.......which means I have a great deal of STUFF.  I am not a slob, and I am very good at making things fit, but I tend to have 85,000 projects started or lined up, leaving me with random-seeming piles of stuff in my bedroom.  Several of my current, piled-up projects are specifically for this blog.  Finally, one will be completed.

Thus, here is the latest update to "The Collection", beginning with my two Cane-iac paddles I've discussed before:

 Double Leather Strap

Length:  15" (9" strap, 6"handle)
Width:  2"
Thickness:  1/4" (each leather strap)

Fairly heavy and flexible, with a rubber-covered handle, that fits perfectly and comfortably in my hand (an upcoming story will tell you how important that can be).


Red Rubber Paddle 

Length:  12 1/2" (6 1/4" paddle, 6 1/4" handle)
Width:  3"
Thickness:  1/2"

Finely grainy on one side, and roughly grainy on the other, with eight 1"x1" raised squares.  Very flexible, and heavy.  This paddle has the same handle as the strap.

Paint Stirrer

Length:  14"
Width:  1 1/16th"
Thickness:  1/8th"

This is a very light, wooden paint stirrer that I recently used while painting my new roommate's bedroom.  Unfortunately I was using water-based paint--the ideal would be latex paint, the remainder of which would not only protect this toy from breaking, but would also add quite a bit of sting!

Medium Wooden Spoon

Length:  11 3/4" (4" long bowl)
Width:  2 3/4" (at widest)

This is a  thick, wide, bamboo spoon that I burned during a cooking experiment, so it has become a permanent part of "The Collection".  It has a significant curve on both sides of the bowl, giving a different feeling depending on which way you face the spoon while spanking.  It has a wide handle, for easy grip (again, that story still to come).


Length:  9"
Width:  4 1/8th" (at widest)
 1" rubber ball attached

Remember these?  I'm sure a great many of these toys were commandeered by parents in their heyday.  This one is not as thick as the one I had as a kid, but it's still a fun "toy" to have...for nostalgic reasons...yeah... 

Speaking of nostalgia, here's a little comic by Homer Provence; a cartoonist, who lived from 1919-1975, and made a number of spanking-themed comics.

Rubber Tube

 Length:  42"

 Diameter:  1/2"
 Rubber Width:  1/16th"

This is a hollow rubber tube, with both weight and flexibility.  It's also a little stretchy, so it would leave some lovely, stinging marks.  I just need to make some kind of handle for it, keeping the end as a loop.

 This last addition to my spanking treasure trove is a set of stools I purchased, mainly with spanking in mind.  I love the idea of placing a recalcitrant young lady on her recently reddened rump for a lengthy corner-time.  I like seeing lovely bare bottoms in sitting positions, and I would enjoy the view even more to see the red flames licking the smarting cheeks of a sassy lass as she sits on a solid surface.


With that in mind, I kept my eyes open for an opportunity to find a stool that would serve this purpose, and I ended up finding a set of three...on sale!  I haven't put them together yet (I don't really have space for them at the moment, especially having no-one to place on them), but here they are:

Saddle Stools

29" H x 17.5" W x 14.5" D
Rubberwood, with a dark chestnut finish, and a slight curve, which would allow more sore surface to sit.  They are tall, with crossbars, so whoever is seated cannot put their feet on the  ground, but will have to bear full burden on their burning bare bottom.

Those are all of my new toys (for now).  Unfortunately, they are all feeling neglected, sitting in a drawer.  Won't someone volunteer to help me give some attention to these poor, lonely delights?


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